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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Witness Protection in Malaysia?

Is there one? Well our friend, Nazri thought there is one. Maybe he was referring to the Evidence of Child Witness Bill 2007. But then again, it is still a Bill. So which law is he referring to? He was reported by saying that the whistleblower in the scandalous VK Lingam video could be protected under the Witness Protection Bill tabled recently in Parliament. He further says that the bill provided protection for witnesses so that their identities could be kept a secret, including administrative and other operations necessary to effect changes in their personal details which include plastic surgery as well. I think he is pulling our legs.

Anyway for a de facto Minister of Law referring to a non existing law is to my mind a really stupid remark made by a MINISTER. I guess he must be sleeping away in Parliament. I think it is so true that he should be referred to as minister of tables and chairs in court room rather than minister of law who is also overseeing the Chief Justice. I think that makes the Chief Justice looks stupid too since the Chief Justice have a really stupid minister who loves calling everybody stupid except himself.

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