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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Hallelujah.... it is definitely GOD's INTERVENTION

It is definitely God's intervention. I believe everybody have been praying for Hui Yi that she may have a new heart. My heart shouts for joy to read the success of the second transplant even though the first heart of a Malay boy who died in Ipoh was rejected. I am most most proud to note that the Malay boy's parent agreed to donate their son's heart earlier. This definitely transcend beyond race and religion. A true caring Malaysian. That I applaud and I encourage. This is what my Lord Jesus says about loving our neighbour as how we love ourselves.

I am so happy to hear stories like this. It is not merely Ketuanan Melayu but a ketuanan rakyat Malaysia. It shows racial harmony not just tolerating one another but accepting one another, like in this case, Hui Yi, between a Malay and Chinese family. Compared to that to the racial crisis in Kampong Medan, or the pig farming in Paya Mengkuang or the sharp division we see now days in University among the various races.

I just hope, and I am still hoping with this incident, everybody will remember the true expression of RAKYAT MALAYSIA. The love for one another that goes beyond race and religion instead of calling each other names.

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