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Monday, October 15, 2007

For the King.... that is if he is...

Hidup Raja Zak! Hidup Raja Zak! Yup, I am referring to Datuk Zakaria who recently moved in to his 2 1/2 storey with 21 bathrooms (not rooms) ISTANA dubbed by the kampong people living there as Istana Datuk Zakaria. It was reported in a local chinese daily that Datuk Zakaria's Istana sits on a 40,000sq m plot. Has a large koi pond, a swimming pool and a mini golf course. I hope there is a library that he so claimed there is for the people in his constituency. Or it is just a pack of lies.

It was also reported that the floor of the main hall is laid with top-quality marble and chandeliers hang from the ceiling. He really knows how to enjoy. Probably he may want to choose to sleep in the hall on top of the top-quality marble. I wonder how much he earns as a Selangor state assemblyman and a councillor (or rather was) with the Klang Municipal Council.
as we all know he is a former railway gate-keeper who became one of Selangor Umno's most powerful politicians.

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