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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Siapa paling MENDERHAKA (rebel)? Siapa PEMBELOT (traitor)?

Interesting turn of events, DAP-Kit Siang or UMNO (in general) siapa penderhaka? Who is rebellious? There were a couple of demonstration against Kit Siang when he made an out burst regarding the sweaaring in of Mohamad Nizar (PAS) as Menteri Besar of Perak. He later apologised in his blog and personally met the Regent of Perak a couple of days after that to formerly apologise to His Majesty. That is an act of a gentleman, a true and respected leader Malaysians must have.

BUT I get agitated and irritated when UMNO does the same and yet portray an act of defiance and arrogances not just to Malaysians but to the palace. I call that UMNO supremacy. I think they feel that they are demi gods cannot be shaken or over run by any other. Led by UMNO leaders who are worst than idiots. Malay in general are humbled and are very nice people. The majority of my friends are Malay. Trust me, they are never UMNOrians or rather refuse to associate themselves with the arrogance of UMNO.

Evidenced are their recent conducts immediately after the general election. The first is their stupid march in Penang just because the Penang State DAP led government spoke that they will administer the state free from NEP because the NEP is laced with cronyism and corruption. Of course the whole issue was twisted by Bernama (whom later apologised) and Utusan idiots which led to some UMNO idiots (the Penang UMNO leaders) marching to Komtar. Idiots right? They march without knowing facts but was led by emotions, arrogance and daylight corrupted aka cronyism ideology. I must say incomparable to those like Hindraf or even BERSIH who inter alia fought for Indian marginalisation (which is so true) and a group that fight for free and fair election respectively.

UMNO Penang. I seriously don't know what is their agenda. Nothing short but cronyism and corruption. And that gives me greater suspicion on UMNO in general whether state or federal leadership.

Secondly, the Terengganu MB saga. The Regency Council of the Sultan of Terengganu has appointed Kijal assemblyman Datuk Ahmad Said to be Menteri Besar. In the Star today, this chap got a boot from UMNO and that the 22 state assemblyman will be boycotting the swearing in of Datuk Ahmad on Monday. So what can I say? Is this rebelling? Is this Hang Jebat? So I now wander, who is UMNO really is? Though in campaigning I did joke that UMNO means U Must Not Object. Looks like the Sultan's prerogative is now challenged by the ruling class of UMNO.

This episode goes to show the true identity of UMNO as a group that is prepared to rebel against authority and the rule of law. Our country's constitution has being raped of it's sanctity for almost 50 times compare to that of any developed country in the world such as the United States (27 times since 1787, adoption of the US Constitution) and Singapore (4 times). Where as in Malaysia, we change our Constitution like how we change our clothes. Why? Nothing but UMNO supremacy.

Look at our judiciary and its independence. Will they decide without fear and favour? Look at the appointment of some people in the Highest Court of the land. Where you have UMNO lawyer becoming a federal court judge. How do the common man, the ordinary and reasonable man sitting on KL LRT felt? There must be a changed, a real change for hope for this country.

UMNO is nothing but a bunch of irrelevant people who never concern with the Malaysian identity and the Malaysian race. Now my question. Who is rebellious? And who are traitors?


Zanie said...

You are right. The 23 MPs should be stripped off their citizenship of the state of Terengganu for the act of rebel against the sultan.They are Malays yet this very Malays have shown to the others that being a traitor to one's own king is okay. I say, they should be hanged for good!

Anonymous said...

This drama by UMNO is really getting to the extreme and no action is being taken against them. Look at how LKS was bombarded when he made the same but milder blunder. Why are Malaysians still sitting in the era of RACE-BASED living?? Why isnt there any action taken against the individuals using banners carrying words like "Natang" not caught and charged in court for "insulting the palace"???????

Does this mean that UMNO still rules in this country?