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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Maka Kami, Rakyat Malaysia berikrar....

The title remind me the year 1988 when I was in Standard 6, of my head prefect and friend, Azmi in SRK Banda Hilir,Melaka reciting the Ikrar and Rukunegara of our dear country every Monday morning after we sang the national and state anthem the Negaraku and Melaka Maju Jaya respectively. So much so I am so proud to recite the Rukunegara almost every day if not at least three-four times a week until today subconsciously. It sticks in my mind and I gladly keep it in my heart.

Come the 12th General Elections, during the 13 days campaigning, I was gladly and more happy to recite the Rukenegara as I'm so proud of it. I keep on declaring it because I believe in the sanctity of a Malaysian race. As all Malaysians mempercayai kepada Tuhan. The draughtsman crafted the Rukenegara with such carefulness by omitting the word Allah but embracing the word Tuhan to encompasses the many religion of our country.

However what I intend to express is the second phrase of Kesetiaan Kepada Raja dan Negara. Loyalty to King and Country. It is the Country that we fight with our blood and to our King we love and exalt. Our loyalty is not to a political party or to the government of the day BUT to the King and Sultans that all Malaysians acknowledge as a symbol of truth and harmony reflecting a true identity of being Malaysian. I remember Raja Nazrin, the Regent of Perak, in one of his lecture stated the importance of the Monarch in uniting Malaysians of all race, religion and creed.

This pic was taken from KLPOS.COM. Look at
the word 'Natang'. What does that suggest?

Of course in seeing UMNO demonstrating showing their disgust against the authority of the Sultan of Terengganu who happen to be the present Yang DiPertuan Agong, Malaysians all over cannot accept the mannerism of UMNO Terengganu. I am so sad for the utterance of UMNO Terengganu against the Terengganu Royals and I must say Malaysian denounce such acts of treachery by UMNO Terengganu. What UMNO Terengganu did was a mockery to their own Sultan whom we all declare in our Rukunegara 'Kesetiaan Kepada Raja dan Negara" and more so against the peoples' praise for their Sultan as evidenced in the Terengganu State Anthem which they sing and uphold in their hearts.

So what happen to Kesetiaan Kepada Raja dan Negara? What happen to the oath of loyalty and the upholding of the Malay traits of Hang Tuah? Meaning is UMNO departing themselves from loyalty to King and Country. Are UMNO no more loyal? Or is UMNO showing their supremacy over the Royals and Constitution? These are questions bothering Malaysians because Malaysians can't afford for another constitutional crisis. AND I believe, that all Malaysian irrespective of race, religion and creed will defend the sanctity of the Monarchy and the Constitution. UMNO MUST APOLOGISE.

As such I feel that UMNO should just forget about Idris Jusoh as Menteri Besar and carry on with life. Forget about UMNO supremacy but identify with a Malaysian race that will be benefiting everyone. With the threat of globalisation and the uncertainty of our economy, we have to embrace ourselves in the coming economic tsunami.


Anonymous said...

I was shock the meaning of natang means animal. It's time that these UMNOputras needs to reeducated the importance of honouring/respect those in authority. If they can't respect ruler's wisdom at least respect his position as the Head of State. I think these people's head is overswollen that needs some rejuvenations. I guess they have forgotten the 5 basic principles. Let's give them a bit of time to change. Latest AAB have to give in to Sultan's of Trengganu. God Bless Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

It shows how desperate they are to cling to 'duit minyak' power. They deserve to be in the kandangs together with the 'natangs'

Anonymous said...

It's scary when I read on the internet why the royals do not want Idris.

It says it is because our pm and his son-in-law eat all the state oil royalties of RM800 mil per year with the help of Idris as the puppet, by spending them on absurb and useless projects that do not benefit the people of Terengganu.

If this is true, we are really in serious trouble with our very corrupted pm and his son-in-law with his cronies and this Patrick Lim.

I do not want this Patrick Lim and his mega-projects in Penang either.