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Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Opening Of Sri Duyong Branch

(from L to R) Jeffery Lim and Goh Chuan Chean (hidden) (my assistants for Duyong), Ee Chong Peng (Chairman for Duyong Branch) Myself (Former candidate for Dun Duyong) YB Sim Tong Him (MP Kota Melaka), YB N Guna (ADUN Senawang), YB Tay Kok Kiew (ADUN Banda Hilir) and Gandhi (Branch Chairman for Taman Merdeka)

(from L to R) Guna (protem Branch Chairman for Sri Duyong), YB Tay Kok Kiew, Myself, Ee Chong Peng, YB N Guna, Mr. Chong (supporter) and YB Sim Tong Him receiving Garland.

YB Goh Leong San (ADUN Kesidang and Chairman for DAP Melaka) together with members of Sri Duyong branch members and YB N Guna

Me delivering my speeches

The ever important people of the DAP lion dance led by Saudara Marvin (on the gongs) and his good young members

God was on our side. That is definite. It as a new beginning. There were no rain even though it has being raining almost every two days after the great political tsunami general election where for the first time since 1969 BN lost their 2/3 in Parliament. In Malacca State, we did fairly well in not only maintaining Kota Laksamana and Banda Hilir but also recapturing Kesidang and Bachang and a new seat which was traditionally held by MCA, Ayer Keroh.

We had, almost 70 people came including leaders, members of the branch and supporters. It was a dinner of appreciation and thanks and at the same time the opening of our branch in Sri Duyong. Though I lost, the people in Duyong managed to reduce Gan Tian Loo's majority of 3,282 (in 2004) to 806 with the total of 5,636 voted for me. I must say thank you to the people of DUN Duyong for voting for me, meaning they have entrusted me in doing what is good for Malacca as a whole.

In my campaign I stress the importance of safeguarding our Constitution and the Rukunegara. I also campaign heavily for the need to have a government that is free from corrupt practices and cronyism. Unfortunately for our state, Corruption has being rooted in our lives and I felt this time the 2/3 majority must be denied at all possibilities, meaning the Opposition MUST have at least 10 seats. Unfortunately, the majority of the Malacca people still believes the government of Ali Gostan. That is very unfortunate. As such is our future bleak then?

To not fail our voters, I am determine to continue to pressure the government and to expose corruption to the Malacca people. As such there is a need to enlarge and extent the membership of DAP and at the same time to establish new branches state-wide to show strength and determination. I am also a strong believer to recruit more Malay and Indian so as to reflect the true identity of DAP. It is also my hope that more Malay and Indian members be candidates in the 13th General Election nationwide. We need to have people who are professionally qualified and calibre AND having the desire to serve the Rakyat amongst us to withstand the next general election which I believed will be more exciting and even.

But at the same time I must cautioned that there must be healthy competition amongst ourselves for the demand of greater challenge ahead of us.

Though I lost in this election, that doesn't mean that I will run away but to continue to serve the people whether or not as an ADUN or a local councillor as I owe a duty and an obligation to the 5,636 voters that voted me during election day. Most people closed their service centre after
losing in the election but not me as I am serious in dedicating my life for this great work in service to the people.

The establishment of Sri Duyong branch is likewise going to be competitive and healthy. The Sri Duyong branch is not only operating as a branch but will act as a service centre for the people in Duyong and the surrounding area nearby. Not only that the centre be a membership drive, but also to register new voters and an establishment of a complaint and legal secretariat manned by me and my team of dedicated people namely Jeffery Lim, Goh Chuan Chean (lawyer), Ee Chong Peng and Guna.

Once again, many thanks to all my supporters and members of DAP Melaka.

Lawan tetap Lawan

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