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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Stupidiest from the MOST stupid

Saw this in my e-mail today (the below article). I am not surprise. I don't know whether should I just laugh or feel stupid for these little Napoleon. Yes feeling very stupid for the little Napoleon under the Education Ministry. Sometimes I got to take a step back instead of running forward to see a better Malaysia. Such directives whether real or not is a step backwards towards a full democracy.

The Penang State Government is entrusted by the people who voted them in. So for giving such directives shows lack of concern and immature conduct by those in the Federal Government.I must say a fikiran tak matang attitude.

I must say a stupid directives only directed by idiots.


School heads in
Penang have been instructed or “advised” not to invite State Government leaders and elected representatives from the DAP-PKR as VIPs and guests-of-honour. The message was conveyed during a briefing last Wednesday by a senior official from the Penang Education Department, which comes under the federal-level Education Ministry. The directive/”advice” to play on the safe-side was made verbally (and not in writing), according to a principal of a school in Penang and confirmed by another senior staff member from the same school. They were understandably indignant at the ruling.

This just shows the kind of small-mindedness among certain Education Dept/Ministry officials. I believe even DAP-PKR state assembly members who are not holding exco posts may now not be invited as VIPs/guests-of-honour to schools.


Anonymous said...

This shows....

We have Otak Udangs running education ministry. The result.. Sekolah Kepala Otak Udangs!

Nothing wrong with our children or teachers but the people running the policies don't think. Real losers!

buTTerFLowEr said...

OMG this is so damn embarassing! come on lah... stupid lah to stop people from inviting one from another party (winning party) and can only invite one from the losing party? haihh... then all these years the minister should put a notice like 'not anyone from any party including BN can be invited as VIP in schools.' soooooooooo berat sebelah. i thought the dacing are both on the very same level, not tilted. hmm...?

probably those people think people (rakyat) are all stupid. first they give false claims on stuff like cooking oil, petrol, flour, claiming that prices are cheaper than in other countries because they think every rakyat is economy-blind and will fall for that trick. now they lose penang to the alternatives they want to prohibit people that are otherwise indeed VIPs from coming to schools.

are they afraid that these people will campaign in schools for the next election starting from now? hello... kids won't vote right after they're out of schools so they probably will forget if these people starts campaigning now (kids sleep during long speech, and a political one is indeed extremely long)

in short: shallow and stupid.

imagine this:
A: why aren't ur dad being invited as the VIP? i thought he's a successful guy. he's nice too
B: coz he's also in dap/pkr
A: oh... but they won. but i thought we always had bn people as vips back then when bn ruled
B: there u get ur answer
A: oh...

lalala~ can't imagine if kids nowadays are smart enough to sort out stuff like this :P