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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Next Ceramah

Dear all especially Kawasan DUN Duyong....

My ceramah dates are:-

(i) 4th March 2008 - Semabok Dalam
(ii) 5th March 2008 - Sri Duyong
(iii) 6th March 2008 - Laksamana Cheng Ho, Bukit Serindit

Do come and follow the hailer and the loud speaker


Anonymous said...

Today(4/3/08) Sin Chew Daily page N19 published that Christian Federation of Malaysia has openly seeking Christian voters to support candidates who advocate Freedom of Religion, Constitutional Right, Citizen Right ......MCA dare not raise these issues. So, It is very clear we don't want Islamic State and Syariah Law for all races. Vote for BN means Balik Neraka.
Can we see more fresh RED flags flying high all over Melaka Town. BN flags all lying flat and half dead. Show Ali Pentan that DAP is not dead but is Dare, Active and Progressive also Do, Action and Pro-active.

Anonymous said...

I suggest the Rakyat Melaka presents 100 A-size or bigger eggs to Ali Rastam for each of the State seat won by DAP conrades on 08/03/08. Let's put this challenge to our faithful supporters to show that DAP is not going to bankrupt. Though has no $$$$ but has People Power. People is the Asset.

Anonymous said...

Today(05/03/08) China Press: 1. Ali Pentan said If BN lose the Melaka Kota, there would be delay in the development of the coastal highway and can be "boil soup". 2. He is desparate that he has the thick cheek to ask student to convince parents to vote BN and also give $$$ to Pay Fong and national schools.

I want to tell that Ali Pentan that Malacca is not hard-up of this project because if we can wait for this project since Tembelang Chik( former CM), why can't we wait for another generation. It does not reflect Malaccan dignity but his and the BN leadership. After all the the reclaimed land benefits his cronies and BN future cronies. Eh, we pay for their benefits, what for? Let All the Melaka projects stopped, like Jonker Walk, Beautification of Melaka River, Pulau Melaka....... Eventually, the results would be CM's report card. Don't use threat, ask him to watch the DVDs "I AM NOT STUPID".

Ali Pentan is underminding the intelligence of Melaka residents by indirectly using children to arm-twist their parents to vote BN(Balik Neraka) and we face hell later on. I believe all the MCA goons were there and they Kau Tau. These MCA candidates not fit even a cent to represent we residents of Melaka or Malaysia.

Finally, I urge all Melaka voters to vote DAP and other Opposition parties, then send clear message to Ali Pentan and goons to KOONTAN.

The Melaka Chinese Chamber of Commerce leadership does not represent all businessmen from Melaka or members because many don't agree with the support for BN and prefer to stay neutral.

DAP POWER! said...

Wiser & rasional voters will already raised the RED flags inside their heart & mind for this time.

To me, these flags hanging, posters is what DAP will only do what they can afford in the matter of cost & manpower.

Plus this BN budak-budak will take away the DAP flags without your acknowledge(Dirty games).

The more DAP flags are, the more BN flags is going to float twice or even 10th times more than DAP only.

In another way, we are only encouraging them to spent more of our money to print more flags & giant posters only.

Personally, i think DAP will rather use the money for more efficiency purpose. There are alot of expenses to burden already while voting periods.

DAP is always here. Even Malacca had a big striken since last election. They still stands on the ground and presents more new & powerful fresh candidates.

DAP's Spirit should burning inside our heart not only during VOTING DAYS.

Anonymous said...

Last weekend, i'm able to see DAP flags and stickers put up at Taman Semabok Jaya, Semabok Dalam. but, after 3 days, all DAP flags and stickers are gone! i wondering why. Could it be irresponsible ppl take down the flag or worry tht DAP will take over Dun Duyong?
Damian, is anywhere you can ask ur ppl to put up the flag again? put as high as possible.
Hidup DAP!

PabloPabla said...

All the best to you Damian!

Anonymous said...

Anticipate dirty tactics or foul play. Please remind all those who attend and would be attending DAP ceramahs to bring IC and driving licence at all times. I am reminded there might be road blocks along the way. I do not wish to see faithful supporters to to caught unprepared.

So we need to be ready and not be intimidated. We are already almost being squeezed to the corner. So, tomorrow(07/03/08) a MERAH PUTIH GELOMBANG nite.

Anonymous said...

tomorrow is our election day. Hope everyone get ready to vote for DAP and prepare to pesta! Let us (all races) be united to make our party(the only trusted and hardworking party) success in this election.
DAP, we let you rule Melaka (better Malaysia) this time!