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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Difference between Ghani Othman and Sore Loser

Ghani Othman

Sore Loser

There is definitely a vast difference between the two Ketua Kerajaan of the South of Malaysia besides the different name in their position. Ali Rustam aka Ali Gostan (Chinese) or Ali Ketam (Malay) is the Ketua Menteri or Chief Minister of Malacca and Ghani Othman is the Menteri Besar of the state of Johore.

The former in my opinion is a sore loser who has been quite vocal in his speeches during the 12th General Election, crying for ZERO Opposition. Fortunately, the mature people of Malacca have voted the DAP not 2 but 5 state seats including a stronghold of MCA, Ayer Keroh and buried the political rise of the former state exco and Kesidang state assemblyman, Koh Nai Kwang and at the same time sekat the rise of Wong Nai Chee in Kota Melaka.

Being a very sore loser, Ali Rustam aka Ali Gostan (Chinese) or Ali Ketam (Malay) declared arrogantly to not to develop DAP Opposition constituencies. And guess what? He said it many times ARROGANTLY during and after the election. I also believed that he himself directed Majilis Bandaraya to KIV all complaints, projects or whatever in all DAP Opposition constituencies. So what do you call that.....a damn SORE LOSER.

The Malacca people pays tax and all sort of cukai-cukai. Maybe I should advised oops DEMAND our Sore Loser to apologise to all the Malacca People. What he said is definitely a threat and a breach of Article 8 of the Federal Constitution.

Compare that to Ghani Othman the Menteri Besar of Johore in TV3 just now that he will not stop or cancel any projects in the constituencies held by Opposition. Now that is a true leader compare that of the Sore Loser of Malacca. I can't imagine if he is the PM or DPM of Malaysia.

My two cents worth....

1 comment:

joshua said...

The Sore Loser is attracting God's wrath.

Let him continue doing what he's doing.