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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Flood in Melaka

Tok Sidang & YB Sim was seen talking about some matters relating to accommodation for the night in a school nearby but was told that the keys were not with him. I was seen carrying the umbrella.

The Chief Minister's wife of Penang came to see the flood situation

YB Sim demonstrating how deep

This is how bad in Durian Daun Dalam

I just came back from Durian Daun Dalam at about 2.30am. I got to apologised for my early exit as I got to prepare three cases tomorrow. Anyway three YBs (YB Sim Tong Him, YB Goh Leong San and YB Betty Chew) were around to make sure that the Kebajikan guys really do their job and not just sandiwara it.

I am certainly not happy with what happen late Tuesday and at the wee hours of Wednesday morning. I, together with our YBs stayed with the people after a down pour in almost every part of Malacca. I must say many places within the constituencies of Kota Melaka flooded. Yes it was really bad. The place I was at, the flood was slightly above my knee. Among other the places are Pengkalan Rama Dalam, Durian Daun Dalam, Semabok Dalam, Kota Laksamana, Kampung 7, Lorong Bukit Cina, Banda Hilir and as far as Masjid Tanah.

DAP Melaka Legal will be looking at the matter closely and to possibly identify a course of action against any individual, corporation or even the state government for fault lies solely on the negligence of the state. As such I'm serving this NOTICE to everybody that may be involved in the matter.

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