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Monday, December 10, 2007

Again on Ali Gostan

Sometimes I don't understand the mentality of UMNO senior vice president, Ali Gostan. Revoking a citizenship of a person is not an answer. So as a call for the use of the infamous ISA (detention without trial) for the lawyers that marched on Sunday morning, and worst still for Edmund Bon who merely explaining to DBKL officers who could never understand an explanation.

The lawyers and Bon, did not any time breached any laws that warrant an expulsion/revocation of their citizenship or a detention without trial under the ISA. They are not and never a threat to national security. It was a walk of peace and an explanation. As such this is something I don't understand the arbitrary powers of the authorities. There were no force used by the lawyers and Bon. What they did was to celebrate human rights in conjunction with the International Human Rights Day on Monday.

As such, Ali Gostan statement in Bernama is deplorable, unacceptable and SHOCKING showing a lack of understanding on the constitution, laws, accountability, integrity and transparency, responsible government and simply...MALAYSIAN

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