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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hindraf = Terrorist?

“As we know, the LTTE has been declared a terrorist group by the United Nations and the United States...." per Nazri the 'damn-smart-he-thinks' so-called minister of law. Or rather minister without portfolio. What a damn position. Some says that he is a minister of parliament's table and chair. ToiletLAH.....

So he says that. Suddenly we follow the US which our garmen had in almost every occasion condemned. Now our garmen declare them as a terrorist group just because Hindraf hantam the garmen. Sometimes I just don't understand the definition of 'terrorist'. Does Hindraf asking their members to take arms against the government? As far as I know and have read, I don't think Mr. Utayakumar is damn stupid to take arms against the government. I know sometimes that he can be a pain in the toot and emotional or maybe passionate with the things he does BUT to be part of a terrorist link, that is so absurd.

I seriously taktau how Tan Sri Musa (IGP) got his information from. Maybe just acah acah, diverting the very intention of Hindraf and wanting to let the whole country to be mad with Hindraf


Anonymous said...

fuck you la,don pour any petrol in the fire,if anything happen business will be not good for other races to,don liek apply for other citizenship

Damian Yeo said...

Sorry lah bro.... I dun think I will be changing my citizenship as I am a loyal Malaysian who had been in this country since 7 generasi.... I believe longer than yours. But unfortunately still not a bumiputra.

On my posting, you can say whatever you want and I tak akan jadi FINAS. So fuck me or fuck you I don't care lah.... this is what I call freedom of speech MY STYLE.

I am of the opinion that Hindraf is not a terrorist state. SO like it or not that is what my thoughts are and you can't change it....

Sometimes I don't understand what you people think. Pemikiran cetek lah brader.... always think of own business but forgotten your anak-anak's future. Biasakan orang Malaysia tiada vision sangat. Always think of the present.