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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Is the Police just merely doing the Job?

I beg to differ the views by Menteri Cuci Tandas Parliament in the Sun today (Cop just doing their job : Nazri). Nazri says that the police were just doing their job and defended the police presence and action on the grounds of Parliament, including the roads leading to Parliament. He also says that it is the responsibility of the police in upholding the law and were executing it in professionally.

This is utterly bull shit and disregarding the sanctity of Parliament being the august house of the highest law making body in the country. I simply don't understand the rationale of Nazri that the demonstrators pose a threat to national security. What national security is Nazri or the government so afraid? What is the government trying to hide from members of the public? A denial syndrome? What happen to parliament liken to a rape of it's sovereignty.

Parliament is a place where hope of the people are placed. Parliament is a place where polices and laws are debated and minorities are protected. It is a place where democracy is seen to be practised. Parliament is to serve the people and not be served. It reflects accountability, integrity and responsibility to the people. AS SUCH LET THE RAKYAT VOICE BE HEARD...

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