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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ikut Suka Hati AG

Either it's "ikut suka hati" or "cin cai"... depending on how you interpret the judgement of the Attorney General (AG) when he withdrew the charges against the 31 Hindraf supporters for attempted murder. Why charge them in the first place?

After putting them in the lock up for more than 14 days, he suddenly had a change of heart to withdraw the charge against them. Though I welcome his sudden change of heart but still I call it MALICIOUS INTENTION by the AG in charging them initially. He should known better the difficulty in establishing the elements of attempted murder under the Penal Code. More so he has to prove beyond reasonable doubt. I bet you all first year law students would understand the difficulty in establishing the element of such crime.

So what can I say except a "cin cai" or tak apa attitude by the highest ranking legal officer of the government. Such a pathetic threats against Malaysians by those in powers. What an abuse of power...

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