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Monday, December 24, 2007

The Politics of Biasness

The spat between UMNO Youth and Gerakan*... my personal observation is simply that of political biasness by UMNO. UMNO as all Malaysians know is ARROGANT and proud. This is evidenced of the recent remarks made by their Senior Vice President Ali Gostan who arrogantly declared that UMNO can run the country without help from anybody and that PPP can just pack it's bag and leave the Barisan coalition.

Such statements is definitely uncalled for and should be rejected by UMNO whether he is the most powerful Vice President in the most powerful party in Malaysia. He must be disciplined regardless of his position. This in my opinion is nothing short of biasness.

As such Gerakan should be commended to reject UMNO Youth Chief statement. However Tsu Koon, should further demand that Hisham to apologise Gerakan and not just disciplined S. Paranjothy for a statement he made that is nevertheless REAL that the Indian community is a marginalised community in Malaysia.

My opinion is that NOBODY will simply go to the street and voice their dissatisfaction unless they do not have a choice. There are no avenue for them to voice as nobody is listening to their cry as such the streets are their only choice. NOBODY in their right mind wants to be arrested or stand in the front of the FRU trucks UNLESS there is no other way to go about it. Perhaps the government should wear their shoes and see the things they see instead of shutting them up and sweep it under the carpet and say we are all OK.


*UMNO Youth Chief threatens to sever ties with GERAKAN provided the latter gave an explanation on its Youth vice-chief S. Paranjothy's recent remarked about UMNO side lining the Indian community.

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