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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Leap Frogging in the Federal Court

Y.A.A. Tan Sri Dato’ Zaki Bin Tun Azmi has being appointed as President of the Court of Appeal. What a far difference. His predecessor, the late Tan Sri Abdul Malek Ahmad has always being a man of integrity and honesty. Wrote excellent judgements even when he was a judge in the High Court. Cases like Mohd Ezam Md Nor & Ors v Ketua Polis Negara, Mohd Amin v PP, Anwar's sodomy trial and others. Truly a man whom I know tested in his views on justice.

Now what about Zaki? That, I am not so certain..... I have my deep reservation due to his UMNO connection. Prior becoming a judge of the federal court*, he was not just an UMNO member but he holds many important UMNO position as well as an UMNO lawyer. His appointment, I must say is tainted with much suspicion and I believe people of all walk of life will question his appointment and that includes old ah mah and ah pek in the streets whilst buying vegetables in the wet market.

The position of the President of the Court of Appeal is the second most senior position within the judiciary. It is therefore very surprising to see a junior federal court judge to be in the position of the second most senior position in the judiciary. This appointment is definitely out of the ordinary and I must say unprecedented. Congratulations?? Maybe I should just wait and see... to see justice prevailed. Be that as it may, let me congratulate Y.A.A. Dato’ Abdul Hamid Bin Hj Mohamad on his appointment as Chief Justice of Malaysia. AND it is my hope that Y.A.A will do his very best to see that the dignity of the judiciary is restored...

*a leap frog to the Federal Court without being appointed in the judiciary.

1 comment:

carboncopy said...

I am very troubled by this appointment.

We already know Abdullah wants to make Zaki the CJ after Ahmad Fairuz. And we are seeing the first step in place.

I am wondering whether Abdullah Badawi twisted Agong's hand by pre-empting the Agong. I wonder whether the Agong have really gave his consent. Why not wait for the letter of appointment? Why such an unprecedented statement, for an unprecedented appointment.

Very very troubling.