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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Who says that the DAP cannot run the garmen...

The BN government had always ridiculed and criticised the Opposition for not having the experience to run the country. Well it may be true as the Opposition in the last 50 years were never given the chance to run the government be that in the state or federal except for PAS in Kelantan and Terengganu. The DAP went quite close in 1986 and 1990 in Penang. However I'm a bit to sceptical about our current electoral mechanism as the Opposition do have quite a strong popular vote compared to the BN component parties. Hopefully the Opposition this time led by the DAP will be a force to be reckoned with in this coming election.

Anyway, I'm glad to have looked at the first DAP budget presented two days to the public before BN's budget presented in Parliament. It came with a 52 pages (you can download here), well researched and informative budget written by Tony Pua, Economic Advisor to the Secretary General.

The goal and objective of the budget is set out in page 15, which emphasizes on the need:
1. To Build New Capacities & Capabilities for the Future;
2. To Strengthen our Social Security System;
3. To Improve Productivity & Competitiveness of Existing Delivery System

This are all important to meet the trend of globalisation so that we will be ready to accept the challenge face by all Malaysian. We cannot be totally reliance on the NEP which we all know creates wealth ONLY to a certain group of people. There must be a call for change of a new agenda for all Malaysians.

I must applaud the DAP Budget for allocating research and development for public universities so as to build a first and world class institution of higher learning. The present government unfortunately fail to see the importance in creating a competitive environment. I don't understand why is there a need to build more university comparing with the strengthening the quality our existing universities by expanding the intake of the current university concern.

Another interesting point made for catching up with globalisation, the budget also focus on the need for liberalisation of the financial services progressively but decisively, so that this sector would be vibrant and dynamic global financial hub in East Asia so as to compete the likes of Singapore and Hong Kong.

In strengthening investor's confidence, the budget also spelt the need for an independent judiciary. As such there is a clear call for reforms in the judicial system to ensure that foreign investors will have the necessary confidence in not just justice meted out but also the speed and efficiency at which disputes can be resolved. There are thousands of cases in backlog, and often it takes more than five years before commercial disputes are even brought to court for trial at the High Courts.

The budget reinforce that the Government do more to attract more experience legal practitioners as well as legal-mind industry players into the judicial profession to resolve the twin problems facing the Courts, a shortage of judges as well as a lack of professionals to manage
the mounting backlog of cases. Having said that salary and remuneration for judicial officers are to be reviewed to match their peers in the private sector. In addition, experienced professionals which are recruited into judicial service shall be remuneration at the same or near their last drawn wages.

The budget also justified that whilst this may involve substantial cost for the Government, its returns via a more professional, enlightened and efficient legal system will be immeasurable from both an economic and social perspective. This in short will enhance credibility and confidence to the system thus would invite more foreign investment into the country.

There are many and I hope I am able to compile and give a little opinion on DAP new budget... who says we can't run the government......

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