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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Intimidation by Police and Government

The recent arrests of members of the NGOs and Opposition leaders are uncalled for and unreasonable act of the police and government. It is definitely an intimidating act by the powers that be. It is indeed an act of desperation by the government and the police. I don't understand what wrong did they commit?

Is it wrong to give memorandums? Is it so wrong to show our dissatisfaction against the government? Can Malaysians in general raise their voice against the government? Why can we? Isn't it not that Malaysia is a democratic country that subscribed to the spirit of democracy? Too many questions and unfortunately are not answered by the government

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Lone said...

We all think we know who Bodohwe is. Those of you who are eligible to vote and have not registered to vote and those of you who fell over for someone's sweet words the last time around; go look at the mirror and you will truly discover who Bodohwe really is!
Stop being Bodohwes and Mushrooms, you do not deserve the shit you are being fed by the BN and the MSM (mainstream media), wake up and one day we may all smell the roses. Go register as a voter and when the 12th election comes, vote wisely.
Click on this
So go out there and get your neighbours, friends, workmates etc etc who are eligible to vote to get registered as voters. There may still make it for the 12th election!