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Sunday, December 9, 2007

It's confirmed MALAYSIA is a POLICE STATE

I'm utterly disgusted and embarrassed by the unilateral and arbitrary abuse of police power in arresting my friend, Mr Edmund Bon, Chairman of the Human Rights Committee of the Bar Council. He was arrested in a mafia-style Hollywood type by the police. I, together with all right minded Malaysian, am ashamed of this abuse of police powers. It was a total disregard of the constitutions, and any laws of this country. What Bon did was explaining to DBKL officers that the banners were in private property and subsequently a senior police personnel arrested him. This is definitely a coward act by the powers that be.

As a concerned citizen, right minded Malaysian and a fellow member of the Bar, I call upon the immediate release of E. Bon and all members that were arrested together.

I now call upon the resignation of the Inspector General of Police for his failure to uphold the constitution and protecting the innocence.

I further call the resignation of the the Internal Security Minister and the Home Affair Minister for their failure to uphold the constitution and carry out the duties of their high offices.

Enough is enough

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