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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Deny Deny Deny...usual LAH

Answer intelligently. You are the Prime Minister of this country. Don't deny. As a Prime Minister you are to know everything that happens within your ministers' ministry. OR you fail to be one. Denying does not make you a good Prime Minister.

Comments like this by the Prime Minister : "Asked whether he was informed of the case, Abdullah said: "I've not been informed. It happened while I'm here."" does not show that he is in control. For the Press to know first, shows that the Prime Minister is not controlling his kakitangan.

The Prime Minister was asked to comment a statement by Tengku Adnan (Minister of Tourism) that the officers were subject to an internal probe by the ministry over the allegation.

Now internal probe? What the toooot. Internal probe are subjected to a cover up. That is creepy. Full of S*it. No integrity and transparency at all. The ACA should not be told what to investigate. They should be given the free hand to see that all sorts of allegation of corruptions be investigated without fear and favour.

The time is now to allow the free hands of the ACA to investigate any maladministration and mismanagement of public fund and do allow the course of justice to take place freely in Malaysia.

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