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Monday, January 7, 2008

If Obama wins

It would be interesting to see if Obama wins the 2008 Democrat Presidential race against Hillary Clinton and six others. The 2008 Democratic caucus in Iowa marked the traditional formal start of the delegate selection process for the 2008 United States presidential election which sees Senator Barack Obama of Illinois received the most support from Iowa Democratic caucus-attendees, making him the first African-American of any party to carry the caucus. Hillary unfortunately came in 3rd place with John Edwards in 2nd place.

On a voting percentage, Obama has a 37.58% lead over Edwards' 30% and Hillary's 29.47% (source: Wikipedia).

Though this is just the beginning of the Democrats selection process, seeing Obama wins show off the maturity of the Democrats delegates in electing a first non white as their candidate for the US 2008 presidential election in November.

It would be interesting to see if Obama not only wins the Democrat Presidential race but set to be come the first black President of the United States of America, should he wins. That would be historic as there are more than 80% white Americans. Meaning White Americans are prepared to have a somebody of another race as their president. This is truly remarkable and exciting to see a change of a political culture in the United States.

Now can we have a non Malay becoming Prime Minister of Malaysia? I doubt. Maybe it takes about 500 years for there to be one where race and religion will be regarded as secondary picture as we will all be known as MALAYSIAN.

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