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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Taking it like a MAN

At least he apologise to the Malaysian people for his act. It was a brave thing to do as most politicians would just deny it and sleep through hoping that the whole world will just forget about the whole incident. I know it will be tough on his family and MCA to deal with but nevertheless he did what he could do to save the rot.

I remember in law school, we studied Constitutional law in Year 1. John Profumo's sexual misconduct was cited as a source of reference. He was a Defence Minister in the early 60s during the cold war, who had extra marital affair with one Miss Christine Keeler, a model.

I must say that having extra marital affair was something a MAN thing to do, but for a Minister that shed lights to his professional and public conduct. Matters of public policy definitely outweigh personal interest, if one set to become a public figure such as Datuk Chua.

Miss Keeler also had sexual relations with one Ivanov, the senior naval attaché at the Soviet Embassy, as such the "Profumo Affair" took on a national security dimension. As Mr. Profumo was the Defence Minister, a resignation was the only thing that he must do.

Likewise an apology though sincere, is not enough to influence public perception. Nothing short of a resignation as a Minister would suffice. Though he may say that his appointment is at the pleasure of the Prime Minister, the responsibility and accountability to the public at large is paramount thus outweigh the personal nature of his conduct. So a more gentlemanly would be to resign rather than a fall from grace.

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