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Thursday, January 10, 2008

What Hell is this PLACE

I read the press statement of DAP Secretary General Lim Guan Eng (SG) in the DAP website just now and I must say I am disgusted and sad with the state of crime in our country. In the morning I blog about Sharlini. I felt sad when I read the newspaper that such crime is again committed even after dear Nurin. I don't understand what is our police doing. The police will go all out to curb so called 'illegal assembly' for expressing their dissatisfaction on the street on things that are close to their hearts such as BERSIH (for clean and fair election) and Hindraf (Indian marginalisation).

What about the rape and murder of dear Nurin and the disappearance of Adik Sharlini. She was feared to be abducted. I am praying that she will be alive and well. Malaysia will cry if anything happen to her.

Back to SG's press statement. I am totally unhappy of the rise in crime. This is what he statically put in the press statement:-

• Rape - 3,177 cases (+ 29.5%)
• Outraging modesty - 2,320 (+ 12.4%)
• Night-time home break-in - 24,440 (+ 21.7%)
• Day break-in - 9,159 (+4.2%)
• Motorcycle theft - 67,854 (+ 3.2%)
• Car theft - 12,427 (+ 11.4%)
• Snatch theft - 11,127 (+0.5)

There seems to be a rise of all crimes listed above. Rape cases are rising to a plus 29.5%. That is a worrisome figure. What are our police doing? Sleeping? What happen to the security in our country. I am now worried (for nothing) the danger surrounding my wife, sisters, and women friends. I think our government is not serious about combating and reducing crime. What an embarrassment...

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