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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Say No To Crime

"Kami mesti meletak CCTV di merata-rata tempat"

So said Orang Kuat Selangor i.e the MB of Selangor.

"Some of the CCTV is not functioning well"

So said Ong Kah Ting, Minister of Local Government and Housing....

So is that good enough? Both Orang Kuats have spoken about CCTV. So the government will be putting more CCTVs in starting with Johor. Purported to be a crime prone area as such it is a priority. But the issue now is would the CCTV be functioning or would it be a waste of public fund.

We were informed that the government spends about RM10-20 billion to reduce crime but looking at the percentage of crime rate arising, I think the whole project is now a waste. Guan Eng reported "Putting 100,000 policemen on the streets would only cost us an extra RM10 billion yearly which is nothing compared to the RM20 billion losses from crime in 2007".

He further said, "30% rise in rapes to 3,177 cases and 12% rise in molest to 2,320 cases in 2007... means 8.7 rapes and 5.4 women molested daily last year.

He went on to say "these are only reported figures and the actual rapes and molest cases could be much more as it is generally known that for every report lodged there are as high as 5 unreported cases."

This is frightening. Let us say no to crime.

Our police force's priority should be on curbing crimes instead of stationing their officers in Opposition or NGOs ceramah...


Mofie A/L Augustine said...

Lol! But it seems that the CCTV did works well in a particular place in Batu Pahat, Johor involving a particular VVIP which become explosively 'sexessive' around new year 2008.

Damian Yeo said...

ooops I forgot about that one. But then again he confessed. If he had not, as a friend have told me, it is blurred anyway. As such malfunction I supposed?