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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Embarrassment to Samy

"Kata Veerasingam, keputusan Samy Vellu untuk bertanding semula, antara lain kerana ingin memajukan kaum India seiring kaum lain di negara ini"

I saw this in RPK's blog. Having the opportunity to read it, I can't stop laughing. It takes the Naib Presiden to ampu the boss and correct his mistakes after being bombarded by Puteri Chaiman of UMNO. It takes a Putri to humiliate and embarrass the President of MIC, so called third largest party within the Barisan Nasional. Mind you, she is not even a Deputy Minister. What a shame and an embarrassment to MIC.

Secondly, the statement by Veera confuse me even more. He says, "...kerana ingin memajukan kaum India seiring kaum lain di negara ini". Meaning, Hindraf is right after all. The Indian community has been greatly marginalised. As I recalled there were thousands that march into the street. Nobody or rather no people in their right frame of mind would simply demonstrate and assemble shouting anti government slogans. As such for thousands of Indians marched out that day shows a vote of dissent not only to the MIC President and MIC but also to the Barisan government.

Samy has been MP for Sungai Siput for 8 terms. I think the people of Sungai Siput should just throw him aside. Enough is enough.

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