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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Is Dr. Basmullah a CRIMINAL?

He was the first doctor jailed under the Private Health Facilities and Services Act 1998 just because a technicality. What technicality? For operating a clinic without registering it under the Act. And the 'gift' : Fined RM120,000 or three months jail. So where is he now, languishing in Kajang Prison for the past two weeks as he does not have the money to pay the blardie fine. What a pity to this father of 8.

Uncle Kit had called on the AG to intervene and to invoke the revisionary powers inherent in his office to call up Dr's case out of kail without any delay. He had also called on the Chief Judge of Malaya or the Chief Justice of Malaysia to invoke their revisionary powers to call up the case to quash the jail sentence imposed on Dr. Basmullah. Unfortunately there were no response from any of these offices. What can I say? Biasalah...

This is the most unfortunate thing that had happened to Dr Basmullah, it was just a technicality. Now let us compare this case with the case of pure negligence of baby's hand and leg amputation in government hospitals and Dr Basmullah did not do any of that. What happen to him? He is languishing in jail and he will be for another two more months if nothing concrete is done... unfortunately but that is the FACT.

I have read in the internet by Palmdoc which state that the ex Minister of Health has given his assurance that the Act is to be used against bogus doctors and bogus clinics. BUT now against real doctors over a technicality. Looks like the acting Health Minister some how failed to adhere to simple act of fairness and justice. What a pity.

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