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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Demonstration Malacca Style...

the two chiefs (in their own right) discussing terms

YB Sim surrounded by members of the press and media

Malacca Opposition parties and members of the public were very upset with the recent hazy announcement made by the Prime Minister a couple of weeks ago regarding the rising cost of petrol to RM2.70 per litre. As a result of that, two demonstrations and protests were organised by the DAP and PAS separately. DAP had one two weeks ago (pictures above) whereas PAS had theirs today (21st June 2008) (below).

YB Sim and Saudara Sofi exchanged greetings after demonstration

the demo led by Saudara Sofi and Hasbullah

part of the passionate crowd

DAP team

The uniqueness of Pakatan Rakyat

The crowd organised by DAP had more than 100 people at Melaka Sentral excluding state DAP leaders. We were very organised and followed strictly the instruction by the police. We followed the timing of the police. 15 minutes means 15 minutes, no hailer, just a couple of chants and a couple of banner. In fact the police officers commended our very good discipline amongst us (hehe)

Where as today's crowd was more or less between 50-80 people including YB Sim Tong Him (MP Kota Melaka), YB Goh Leong San (ADUN Kesidang), YB Lim Jack Wong (ADUN Bachang), YB Tey Kok Kiew (ADUN Banda Hilir) and myself from the DAP. The rest are from PAS led by Saudara Sofi and Hasbullah Pit @ Sebol. A bit disorganise as we were not sure where the said demonstration were to take place. So it was more of a wait and see. So much so that YB Sim was a little late as he was waiting the other far end from the demonstrating place. Maybe there were lack of communication between everybody.

The difference between the one organised by DAP and PAS is simply this, though their number may be small compared to us in the earlier demonstrations, they (PAS) are definitely a voice that represents the larger majority who are against the recent petrol increase. Though I used to consider them as extremist, but knowing them after the election, they are not extremist but merely passionate like us (DAP).

So there were chants such as "Undur Pak Lah" and "Minyak Turun" amongst others chants with honking of the motorcars and motorcycles passing by us. Speeches were made by the organisers.

I never seen such enthusiast my friends and saudara from PAS. That I must take my hats off to them (Compare to us, one shout and only 10 followed the chants, the rest probably don't know what is going on). So, Good job and BRAVO to my friends from PAS.

I now wonder mana PKR ar....?

1 comment:

sebol said...

Saudara Damien,

Saya bukanlah pemimpin PAS, dan tidak terlibat dalam penganjuran, akan tetapi hanya sekadar peserta demo yang agak lewat hadir kerana membeli marker di jusco.