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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Who Sould We Compare, Singapore or Saudi Arabia?

I cut and paste from the Star the comment by Opposition Leader, Datin Sri Dr Wan Azizah regarding the recent fuel hike. She did a good one by comparing the difference of petrol prices
of exporting country such as United Arab Emirates (UAE) where the price is RM1.19 per litre, Egypt (RM1.03), Kuwait (67sen), Saudi Arabia (38sen), Nigeria (32sen) and Venezuela (16sen).

She also say that the government is ridiculous in comparing with non exporting countries like Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

She also commented that the fuel price hike is "disappointing and unacceptable"and the effects of the increase would be seen in the increase of consumer goods.

Well I am not just worried about consumer goods, what about the rise in diesel of RM1.00 more. This certainly has an impact on raw materials such as the building industry.

And what can the government do? Asking us to change our lifestyle. What? Maybe we should all cycle bicycles.

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