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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Do We All need This?

When everyone is saving money and be thrifty, Malacca State Government unfortunately 'TAK FAHAM' and is doing totally the opposite. All because of one man's vision, Mr. Ali Ketam. His vision is making Malacca a super theme park destroying every inch of green environment as well as the cultural and historical rich Malacca.

Making Malacca a 'Disney' (He did say it proudly) at the expense of our money. With all the change including the mega million-million ringgit in beautifying the Melaka River, Eye of Malacca x 2 (seriously I am not joking there are two, one at Tun Ali and the other will be at Kota Laksamana), Menara Berputar and others billions SUDAH spend. His justification : TOURISM. I think the tourism industry can be strengthen by not making Malacca a Disneyland (with our money instead of Disney investing in Malacca) but strengthening Malacca uniqueness of it's historical and cultural richness.

There are many ways in strengthening tourism besides the above namely, Eco Tourism, Health Tourism, Education Hub tourism, Food Tourism and the many more. Making Disneyland using our money is spending unnecessary instead if he so desire a theme park, he should have lobbied for Disneyland to invest in Malacca. But of course in doing that there are many conditions for such huge player to have faith in our system such as a system that is free from corruption and nepotism and practices effectiveness and integrity in the administration. That in itself will automatically invite


sheela said...

dah elok ada theme park best kan genting tu..what makes the govt think that if they put that roda in melaka tourist will be attracted? macam kat negara pelancong tu takde roda..diorang nyer roda lagi besar apa hehe..i think:P the money if used wisely can be a great help for those in need and those poor kids who want to go to school or sumtin..who knows they might be the next einstein or alexander graham bell..ini pegi buat plan nak buat roda..aduh..Dear Lord..please open their eyes and brains..please save my country..

Anonymous said...

This Ali Ketam like wheel so much. I suggest we sponsor a big bullock cart wheel to be erected outside his office( replica of the Eye of ....). Malaccans need money to keep the families survive during the price hikes not the money wasted on the BIg Wheels with big name (" ALI GOSTAN ")on it to be rembered for us to see. Let's boycott and don't attend or even ride the Wheel. He thinks only Melaka is the only place to have wheel. Want to see Melaka, go to St. Paul Hill and have much better view than at Kota Laksamana. God saves Melaka and bring down the Ali Gostan and goons.