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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Malaccan Is This Enough?

Found this in the Star...

"In Malacca, Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam said the 10% cut in allowances would take effect this coming July 1 and would include the Speaker.

The Chief Minister’s entertainment would be cut from RM5,500 to RM4,950 while the Speaker and BN exco members will be slashed from RM1,000 to RM900 while BN elected representatives will be cut from RM250 to RM225."

Interesting? I just want to know more. Wait a minute after taking that 10% away, still there are other mega project in Malacca. Can we cut that too?


Anonymous said...

Whole world is talking recession, the 10% allowance cut is just an eyewash only. All mega projects to be scrapped and the allowances claims and holiday trips for all district councils and state ministers to be stopped indefinitely. Continue to expose the mega projects on the way and what is our Melaka deficits? I suggest 30% pay cuts is nore rational, if Mr. Gostan dares to volunteer.

Anonymous said...

What is this 10% lah? My monthly expenses will increase by 20% with all the hike in prices of petrol and other essential goods, all spendings status quo. So, the rakyats inflation increases 15-20% and CM's maybe 1-2% only. So, Ali Gostan talking RUBBISH. It's not genuine and insincere. Let's walk the talk, Mr. CM and make sure with true integrity.

Anonymous said...

what the hack of reducing the allowance 10% while BN should show their political determination to fight against corruption & misuse of our people money !!!!