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Monday, June 9, 2008

Melaka Bandaraya Unfair

Looks like the Eye is really coming to Melaka. It was reported in the Star today, a ground breaking ceremony performed none other than Ketua Menteri.

How much?
I was informed that it will cost about RM43 million.

Whose money?
You and I, not Ketua Menteri.

Where will it be located?
At Kota Laksamana, kawasan DAP pulak. PutLAH at your own constituency in Bukit Baru.

Further to that, there will be a mariner close by that cost about RM24 million project. Not forgetting the Menara Berputar that cost a walloping over RM20 million of our money.

With all the attractions, Malacca will one day change to Melaka Bandaraya Unfair. Not funfair. I seriously don't know what is our Ketua Menteri is up to, changing Historical Malacca to a major theme park. I think what our state government should do is to preserve and conserve the historical site instead of making it a laughing piece for all. Why don't make Malacca rich by preserving it's historical and cultural richness for all to see. Malacca is indeed blessed by who and what we are. And nobody can change that.

So why don't the state government used the money to improve the roads, drainage, public transport and mitigate flood that is very rampant in little Malacca.

I thought that the Federal Government intending to curb expenditure, but this little Malacca state government never seems to understand.



MALACCA: The state’s RM40mil Eye on Malaysia project will include several features to make it a one of its kind tourist attraction.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam said besides the ferris wheel, there would also be a 90m water screen and entertainment rides.

He said the project was being carried out under a 60-40 joint-venture between Kumpulan Melaka Berhad (KMB) and current operators of the Eye On Malaysia, MST AD Suria Sdn Bhd.

"The 60m ferris wheel is scheduled to arrive here in September and operational by Oct 18,” he told reporters after officiating the groundbreaking ceremony here on Monday.

Mohd Ali said a month of festivities along the Malacca River would be held to announce the Eye’s move from Taman Tasik Titiwangsa to its permanent home at a 2ha site at the Kota Laksamana coastline next to a RM24mil marina project.

Once operational, he said the ferris wheel is expected to attract 700,000 visitors in a year.


sebol said...

1. 43 juta, dulu 23 juta?

2. Kalau nak baut bandar theme park, baik pilih 1 lokasi baru, bukannya mencemarkan kawasan bersejarah.

Anonymous said...

This is sick to hear. Ali Gostan really gostan his words. Before the last elections this dong threatened that the State govt would not develop the coastal highway if DAP won. I believe Mr Gostan has $$$$ entered his pockets and going to do BIG projects while he the CM. Then will leave the SHITs to whoever taking over from him and blame the next CM. Let's pray for snap election soon and kick his BUTT out of Melaka. May be he sees PR going to take over the govt soon, so quickly masuk as much $$$$ as he can. Let's have more forums for Malaccans to voice our discontents with the coordinations with all PR component parties. To get his 700,000 visitors, he will give free rides to the school children, charity homes children and the kampung folks. He thinks tourists would ride, that's is daydreaming. What's your findings about the attractions when it was at Taman Titiwangsa? What is the Mr. Gostan's justifications? Please question him left and right at the assembly.