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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Will there be Cost Cutting in Malacca?

Terengganu EXCO did just that, i.e. cost cutting (read here). Federal Government also did that albeit only 10%, I now wonder whether Malacca State EXCO will just do that. It's only 10%. It does not pinch either.

But then again, Malacca is spending lots of money for all type of construction namely, Eye of Malaysia oops Malacca, Theme Park somewhere in Klebang, Menara Berputar, Beautifying Malacca River, so call Medical Hub (I believe this is at 'perancangan' stage), Go Kart (somewhere out there), and lots more... all what I call at projek Melaka Mega. And yes not forgetting some Putrajaya type of construction that will cover a huge area in MITC. Here goes the million and million of ringgit.

Two issues I wonder:-

(a) Whether our State Government do likewise to heed the call by the Federal Government.
(b) How much is our state debt as at to date?

Any answers?


Anonymous said...

I guess we have to wait till the moon decend to earth. Maybe Mr. Gostan will propose cutting of all the grass at abandon lands in the state and build more "EYE OF ORIENTS". Even if there is cost cutting, Mr. Gostan would have other plans to divert our moneies into his pockets. So, watch out and be alert. DAP and oppositions must exist and stay strong. We have to GOSTAN to the right direction from the wrong of Mr. Gostan. Long live Malaccans.

sebol said...


ADUN DAP dapat "Elaun Keraian" tak?

Damian 'Baba' Yeo (杨胜利) said...

Sebol, tidak ada apa-apa elaun keraian untuk ADUN DAP. Elaun yang ada hanya diperuntukkan dalam undang-undang bertulis negeri