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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Offer to Shut Up

SAPP President Datuk Yong Teck Lee dropped another blow. First was on Wednesday that the SAPP will vote for a no confidence motion against the Prime Minister and today's Star Datuk Yong fires yet another salvo which he claimed that "the offer of Senator and envoy posts smacked of bribery". The letter of offer came in 17th June 2008 i.e. the day before the bombshell.

I was just thinking yesterday about it and wah-lah, Datuk Yong just answered my mischievous thought. Corruption in the highest level. An offer of a post to shut you up. I think the people in Sabah had enough of bull shit.

Too many promises made by Kuala Lumpur and I understand why the people in Sabah is not too happy with the happening around. From fuel price and oil royalty to illegal immigrants. These are long out standing issues. I was told that the reason Sabah local parties joined the Barisan was to settle those issues but in fact as at to date nothing was addressed. Talk to any Sabahans and that is the present feeling. As such the voices of the Sabah MPs in parliament recently are voices that must be adhered to. I know for sure that SAPP is not alone on this.

Anyway there is nothing for Datuk Yong to lose now. So wack LAH. Last Man Standing.

Whose next?

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