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Friday, May 2, 2008

Police Gangsterism? Are there?

Taken below from the Star. Whether Bachang state assemblyman did wrong or not, is for the honourable court to decide. But seeing the police taking the law in their own hands, is something that is unacceptable not only in the eyes of the law BUT that of the rakyat. We cannot accept such conduct at all.

What happen to integrity and accountability? What happen to Amanah, Bersih dan Cekap? Something is so wrong with the state of policehood in this country. WE MUST HAVE THE INDEPENDENT POLICE COMPLAINTS AND MISCONDUCT COMMISSION NOW. The use of unreasonable force by the police is unnecessary and unbecoming of a professional force. The police reflects the Yang DiPertuan Agong and I know that our beloved and respected Supreme Ruler, His Majesty the Yang DiPertuan Agong, will not tolerate such despicable act of cowardism and gangsterism of the police force.

-------- The Star

MALACCA: Three DAP assemblymen were arrested but later released on police bail to assist investigations into damage caused to an abandoned lamp-cum-telecommunication pole in Bachang here on Thursday.

In the incident at about 10.30am Thursday, Bachang assemblyman Lim Jak Wong had gone over to Taman Kesidang, Kampung Lapan, with state party chairman Goh Leong San and Kota Melaka MP Sim Tong Him to remove several metal rods at the base of the proposed telecommunication pole.

Lim, who is also Malacca state DAP secretary, used an electric saw to cut off 10 of the 10cm metal rods protruding from the base after failing to break them off with a hammer.

However, he was arrested shortly after the incident and taken to the Melaka Tengah police station for questioning with Goh and Sim who were detained at about noon when they were called in by the police.

All three were released on police bail at about 5.30pm with Lim sent to the Malacca Hospital for a medical check-up following allegations that he was assaulted by the police while in lock-up.

All three are being investigated under Section 440 of the Penal Code for mischief during an unlawful assembly that carries up to five years' jail and a fine.

Speaking to reporters later, Goh, who is also Kesidang assemblyman, said he was shocked over their arrest as they had merely gone over to address issues raised by residents from the area.

“We had finished at the site and gone for coffee at a nearby shop. However, I noticed several police personnel with Lim when I was walking to my car.

"It was later that I received a call from Lim saying that he had been arrested and assaulted by the police,” he said.

Goh said he lodge a report over the alleged assault against Lim.

Sim also expressed dismay at the action of the police to detain them as they were merely attending to woes raised by members of the public.

“The metal rods pose a danger to residents and school children from the nearby Tun Tuah secondary school. We had merely gone there to see how to resolve the issue,” he said, adding that there was no picket or demonstration.

It was learned that the proposed 30m-tall pole project belongs to the state government and it had received approval for construction in August last year with completion within two months. However, the project was subsequently shelved following the intervention of former Barisan Nasional Kesidang assemblyman Datuk Koh Nai Kwang due to objections raised by several residents before the general election.

Melaka Tengah OCPD ACP Johari Yahya declined to comment on the case.


Anonymous said...

The police behaves worse than gangsters. Big problem in police force and out of control. Top police officers forget their duties to the rakyats and the nation. Their action of treating our YBs like treating outlaw criminals. Their action in such case deplorable and shameful. Let's bring the officers to the book and open.

sebol said...

Saya mempunyai masalah untuk memahami kisah yang berlaku berkenaan communication pole itu.

Bolehkah saudara Damien menceritakan kisah sebelum kejadian tangkap menangkan.

communication pole, milik siapa, siapa punya projek etc.