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Thursday, May 1, 2008

YB Lim Jack Wong and two others ARRESTED... Damn...

we were all there waiting for the outcome.
All YBs were present

YB Lim was taken in a van to his car for so called 'investigation'

YB Lim Jack Wong (ADUN for Bachang) was arrested at about 11.00am. He was then assaulted (allegedly) by the police. Soon after that, YB Goh Leong San (ADUN for Kesidang) and YB Sim Tong Him (MP for Kota Melaka) were then asked to give their statements and was placed under arrest. I am perplexed and surprised with the conduct of the police. What they did is simply unconstitutional and morally wrong

At about 12.30pm, I was in the police station (IPD Melaka Tengah) to enquire what was the problem as I was called to represent all three YBs. I was deny entry and the YBs were all deny legal representation. The denial of legal representation is not only going against the spirit of the constitution but at the same time a breach of the law under the new amendment of the Criminal Procedure Code. I was deny on the fact that I will 'disturbed' police investigation. That is simply outrageous. The OCPD went as far as threaten to take my statement should I represent them. What crap? I am a lawyer. AND I have all the right under the law to represent them.

AND they called themselves RAKAN COP.... this is even more crappy.

The Facts - YB Lim was asked to see a complaint by the residents in Kampung Lapan that there were steel lying on the ground near Tun Tuah school. There were some residents together with YB Lim. And guess what? YB Lim was arrested. For? I was told investigated and jamin mulut under section 440 of the Penal Code. That section states:

440. Whoever commits mischief—
(a) while taking part in an unlawful assembly or in a riot; or
(b) having made preparation for causing to any person death, or hurt or wrongful restraint, or fear of death, or of hurt or of wrongful restraint,
shall be punished with imprisonment which may extend to five years, and shall also be liable to a fine.

This is totally absurd. Did he commit unlawful assembly OR take part in a riot? Or made preparation in causing death....

The police high ranking officer in beating and wacking YB Lim MUST be arrested and investigated under section 321 (read together 323) or 350 (read together 352) or 503 (read together 506)

321. Whoever does any act with the intention of thereby causing hurt to any person, or with the knowledge that he is likely thereby to cause hurt to any person, and does thereby cause hurt to any person, is said “voluntarily to cause hurt”.

323. Whoever, except in the case provided for by section 334, voluntarily causes hurt, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year or with fine which may
extend to two thousand ringgit or with both.


350. Whoever intentionally uses force to any person, without that person’s consent, in order to cause the committing of any offence, or intending by the use of such force illegally to cause,
or knowing it to be likely that by the use of such force he will illegally cause injury, fear, or annoyance to the person to whom the force is used, is said to use criminal force to that other.

352. Whoever assaults or uses criminal force to any person otherwise than on grave and sudden provocation given by that person, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may
extend to three months or with fine which may extend to one thousand ringgit or with both.


503. Whoever threatens another with any injury to his person, reputation or property, or to the person or reputation of any one in whom that person is interested, with intent to cause alarm to
that person, or to cause that person to do any act which he is not legally bound to do, or to omit to do any act which that person is legally entitled to do, as the means of avoiding the execution
of such threat, commits criminal intimidation.

506. Whoever commits the offence of criminal intimidation shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years or with fine or with both....


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