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Monday, September 15, 2008

Anwar a Hypocrite?

10 years political wilderness, a long lesson learnt to DSAI. As such he may have known the pain as a prisoner before. Well I am giving a benefit of the doubt to DSAI to prove his worth to Malaysian. Between the lesser of two evil, I'll choose DSAI to lead. Anyway we have already given 51 years to Barisan Nasional/Alliance. So I don't mind gambling it on DSAI this round. Time to change.

----- taken from the Star

Anwar branded a hypocrite on ISA

KOTA BARU: The sole Independent MP Datuk Paduka Ibrahim Ali has called on PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to stop being a hypocrite with regard to the Internal Security Act (ISA).

When Anwar was a federal minister in 1987, he defended the Government’s move to use ISA in “Ops Lalang,” Ibrahim said.

“But now, Anwar is asking for Selangor senior state exco member Teresa Kok to be released.

“How ironic. When I was among those detained under Ops Lalang, Anwar kept quiet,” he added,

On a new Federal Government being formed come Sept 16 or even later, Ibrahim said he fully supported it if PAS led the initiative to do so.

He added that PAS should nominate one of its leaders to become the new prime minister.

“I am neither supporting Barisan nor PKR but I would support PAS because they are a strategic ally,” said the outspoken MP, adding that he could not support a PKR initiative led by Anwar.

“I cannot accept Anwar because of the hypocrisy of his politics,” said Ibrahim.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Kalau nak cakap pasal hipokrit, Ibrahim Ali itulah paling kuat. Dia ni MP kawasan saya, saya tahu kerenahnya yang bermuka-muka. Dia menang atas tiket PAS, tapi puji sama orang UMNO. Tak tahu malu ker?