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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Jump Without Gains

I totally agree with the statements by Kit (below) on the issue of party hopping by BN MPS. Kalau nak lompat, lompat jangan ingat boleh dapat wang atau pangkat. It has to be only with personal conviction that their jump MUST be to benefit their constituents, the country and Malaysians at large or else it serve no purpose at all. Pakatan will just be like another Barisan as we all know that BN greatest weakness is corruption and money politics within themselves.

And secondly the credibility of Pakatan Rakyat will be at stake as now the people see us as champions of the rakyat in terms of credibility, accontability and transparency. For the sake of democracy, and if I were any of them that is intending (or not intending) to FROG, let me go back to the people for at least a referendum and ask the people their opinion. If the people wish that I should JUMP than I will for the sake of my constituent. Well but there will be one problem, I probably get booed by UMNO corrupt where ever I go.... so kena sabar.

------- taken from the Star

KUALA TERENGGANU: The Democratic Action Party (DAP) on Sunday reiterated it would oppose any attempt by Members of Parliament (MPs) from Barisan Nasional crossing over to the Pakatan Rakyat alliance for the sake of monetary, personal advancement or material gains.

Party adviser Lim Kit Siang said Barisan MPs should only decide to jump ship if such a move would benefit their constituents, the country and Malaysians at large.

“It’s commendable and honourable for Barisan MPs to do so if they believe such a defection would benefit the people and country.

“This is more ethical but I believe the Barisan MPs (who may be contemplating defecting) would not do so for material gains,” he told reporters after opening two new branches in Terengganu.

The two new branches are Kampung Cina chaired by Ng Chai Heng, and Sungai Tong in Setiu chaired by Mat Zaki Mamat.

Lim said the Barisan MPs who abandon the coalition by holding to the principle of saving the nation would surely gain the sympathy, support and respect of all Malaysians.

“But do this (cross over) with principle and ethics,” he said.

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