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Sunday, September 7, 2008

It Takes Two to Clap

It takes two to clap. In the studies of the law of evidence, we call it Corroboration. Here one reporter corroborate another on Ahmad son of UMNO 'pendatang' remarks on the Chinese. So was he telling some facts in history or is he making the statements with malicious intention.

Your pick?


BUTTERWORTH: Two other reporters covering the event in which UMNO Bukit Bendera divisional chairman Datuk Ahmad Ismail made the pendatng remarks during the Permatang Pauh by-election, said they clearly heard what he said, and were shocked and feeling uncomfortable with it.

Guang Ming Daily reporter Li Weihua pointed out that after covering the first event of deputy prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak on 23 August, he went on to cover the DPM's second event, in which he clearly heard the penumpang remarks made by Ahmad Ismail, and was shocked by what was being said.

He said Najib had not yet arrived when he reached Kampung Belah Dua that evening. However, Ahmad Ismail was already giving his speech. As he was not very familiar with the speaker at that time, he did not pay too much attention to what was being said.

He went on, "But later he raised his voice louder and louder, and suddenly I heard this: 'Orang Cina cuma tumpang di sini sahaja.' (The Chinese are only squatting here)"

He said after hearing this, he was very shocked and understood how serious it could be.

Nanyang Siang Pau reporter Chen Minghao also said when he was at Kampung Belah Dua to cover the event, he heard very clearly Ahmad Ismail's penumpang remarks, and felt very uncomfortable with it.

He said after covering Najib's first event, he rushed to Kampung Belah Dua to cover his second event. However, when he reached there, Najib had not arrived yet, while Ahmad Ismail was alreary talking on the stage.

He said although he did not know who Ahmad Ismail was at that time, he heard very clearly that he said, 'Orang Cina cuma tumpang di sini sahaja,' and he felt very uncomfortable with what was being said.

China Press reporter Chen Fengquan, meanwhile, said he arrived too late and missed that part on penumpang.

He said Najib was already talking on the stage when he reached Kampung Belah Dua, and he missed what Ahmad Ismail had said earlier.

- Sin Chew

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