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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Arrogant Ahmad son of UMNO

Arrogant. Nothing short of it. That is what I described the latest saga relating to the racist Ahmad Ismail (I don't think he deserve the title Datuk). I am taking this piece out and bold it :

Bukit Bendera Umno division chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail has refused to apologise over his alleged racist remark calling the Chinese community “immigrants who do not deserve equal rights”.

“Why should I apologise? I didn’t do anything wrong. Those who do wrong should apologise but I haven’t done anything,” Ahmad said, when met outside his Bayan Baru office Thursday.

This is a typical UMNO leader statement. Very ultra Malay and really, HE IS NOT MALAYSIAN. Malaysian would mean accepting each other and respecting one another regardless of one's colour, creed and religion.

Guess what? I just heard on Astro that Mahatir also felt that UMNO should not apologise. That is another crapy old man speaking on the sensative subject.

Am I a PENDATANG? Maybe I am. And that was probably my great x 6 parent came from China or where-have-you. Is Mahatir a Pendatang? Obviously. Mahatir's parents came from Kerala. That means Mahatir is the second generation Malaysian. And what about me? I'm the seventh generation Malaysian and my son Paul is the 8th generation. I think I am MORE Malaysian than Mahatir or even the ultraman Ahmad Ismail.


joshua said...

Hopefully, Paul, the 8th generation will mark the new beginning for Malaysia!


My post on Ahmad Ismail here:

Bob said...

Mahathir is a 1st generation Malaysian. His father was born in Kerala, although the spin these days is that he is from Bangladesh.

Damian 'Baba' Yeo (杨胜利) said...

Agree with you Bob. I suddenly remember that Marina was mentioning that her grand parent was from Kerala