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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September 16 coup.... wishful thinking?

I read the below article by blogger Melvin Mah's "Crossover, Tomorrow?" rather interesting. I am paraphrasing his articles below:-

Such thing mentioned above suggests the possibility that the crossovers of 43 MPs max to Pakatan Rakyat could happen as early as tomorrow than expected. Yes, it is possible to have it tomorrow.

Previously, September 2 marks the day where Anwar was removed from all posts from the cabinet by Mr. Mahathir. That was in 1998, and if it happens, Anwar is rewriting history that banishes the past and instead it will read, Anwar becomes PM on that day itself. As mentioned previously, a Special Branch officer is assigned to each of the 140 BN MPs to see which of the MPs are among those who could be going over....

I seriously don't know whether DSAI really mean what he says. Some say that he is too ambitious. Some probably welcome it as the country is now suffering from a economic coma that needs a revival. Some say that he is playing with fire and some like me are waiting for him tpo be DSAI.

So he is in Parliament. What's next? The budget was read and over...oh yes forgot about the debate. That will be after the bulan ramadhan and bulan puasa. So that means after September 16. Nevertheless I think that he should now probably set up his shadow cabinet for a start. Don't talk about becoming Prime Minister until one's cabinet is formed at least for people to judge his appointees.

The next important thing to note for DSAI is to come up with an alternative budget for Malaysians. Like DAP, it came up with an alternate budget based on CAT (Competency, Accountability and Transparency) which is quite appropriate currently especially in curbing corruption and incompetency, DSAI should also address the economics accordingly and this will justify DSAI willingness to lead a vibrant country for greater steps ahead. Malaysia wants to see not a Prime Minister in waiting BUT a Prime Minister that is ready to lead this country with his plans and visions. He has to offer to Malaysians what he intends to do for Malaysia. Enough of politics. Enough of Permatang Pauh. Talk is cheap but there must be some mechanics into that talk.

I see a lot of enthusiasm in writing this piece. A lot of excitement and suspense. Reality or just Wishful thinking? Seriously I don't know. Though I am also happy and excited to see a take over after 51 years of Merdeka for the Peninsular, I am a bit careful to suggest what Melvin suggested. But nevertheless I am keeping my fingers cross. And hoping that it will be true.

Whatever it is, Malaysians all over are looking forward to it.

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