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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Solidarity With Teresa

DAP Melaka held a candlelight vigil for YB Teresa Kok Member of Parliament for Seputeh and State assemblywoman for Kinrara who was recently arrested under the notorious Internal Security Act. The arrest and detention under the Act was not only immoral and unjust but without valid legal grounds. As such DAP Melaka condemn such arbitrary and unilateral act against our Parliamentarian.

With the attendance of no less than 200 people by supporters and members, no doubt shows off a commitment and support by the people of Melaka saying NO TO ISA. We hope and pray that the authorities, especially the police and the Home Affair Minister will come to a realisation that their act was a mistake, uncalled for and went against the rule of natural justice and morality. As such we further hope that YB Teresa Kok will be freed without unnecessary delay.


Anonymous said...

I think someone in Melaka has to take the initiative to organize the candlelight vigil event as per the penang.

Only by the that we can create the awareness of the abuse by the Botak C4 gang.

Please think about it.

Anonymous said...

brother, keep me inform next time if ur doing something thsi man.