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Monday, September 1, 2008

A Holiday on Merdeka Day....NOT REALLY

Where the crowd shouts Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka culminated with the sound of loud bangs of the fireworks displayed, I shy away with my dear family at Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands. I purposefully off my hand phones, refused to see or watch any news. I just want to relax and feel free from the buzz and heaviness of the day. No news, no clients, no work, no phone calls and no internet. Now that is what I call, MERDEKA.

We lodged at Bala's Holiday Chalet. Credit to Mr. Bala, it was a fine experience. The place is clean and enchanting. We had a big family room with two queen sized beds and an attached bathroom. I took many photographs of the enchanting chalet. It was cosy and we spend two nights i.e. 30th and 31st nights.

We visited and bought vegetables and fruits.

UNTIL.... on the last day, 1st September 2008, I read the news at the library of Bala. Titled in the Star newspaper : Parties want stronger action against division chief

And when I read further, I just shook my head. There goes my holiday. It takes UMNO to mess my head up. Just when I was about to say thank God for Malaysia, there goes another news of sadness and disappointment. Worst still, when Mr. Pee M, was not taking it seriously. He said that he would tell Ahmad (Divisional Chief who uttered the word Pendatang to the Chinese) not to repeat such remarks and that he did not think Ahmad meant what he said.

Now that was a blow to me. The statements were seen as light hearted and non-deterrent. Was the Pee M encouraging it? Was it meant as a joke? Don't UMNO learn anything during the March 8th and August 26th elections?

What a holiday....

I think for the better, I sincerely now call upon the Pee M on behalf of UMNO and the leadership to apologise to all Malaysians regardless of a particular race and/or religion. The word uttered is definitely seditious and I call also the police to act accordingly under the law.

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d'Lion said...

Must inform Mr Bala, no newspapers allowed at his establishment.