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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Release OR Charged

The police have arrested Blogger, Raja Petra Kamaruddin, journalist from Sin Chew Jit Poh, Ms. Tan Hoon Cheng (who was since released in the Saturday afternoon) and MP for Seputeh cum Selangor Exco Member, YB Teresa Kok on 12.9.2008, Friday under the draconian Internal Security Act (“ISA”).

We were annoyed by this drastic and high-handed action taken by the federal government in arresting the above-said persons with the excuse that they have threatened the national security. We believe all the right-thinking and caring Malaysians also share the same sentiment with us. This is because of the fact that we do not see any conduct of the above-said persons which has threatened the national security. The Minister of Internal Security owes Malaysians a decent, reasonable and detailed explanation as to the reasons of their arrest as the matter has involved public interests and international attention. Should they be suspected of breaking any law, they should be produced and charged in court instead of being detained without trial and jeopardising their right to defend themselves.

We also condemn the action of any party by using ISA and the arrests to raise the sentiment of fear among Malaysians and to further achieve their self-serving political conspiracy at this crucial hour, when Malaysians are hunger for a change in the country. Such abuse of power should be rejected by Malaysians totally.

We further opine that the ruling party is trying to be directors and actors on their own in the recent political events in their effort in maintaining powers. We request them to be receptive of people’s view and to have a genuine heart for a better future of Malaysia.

The arrests of Raja Petra, Ms. Tan and YB Kok do not just present no benefit to Malaysians generally, they also lower the confidence of foreigners on Malaysia and further affect foreign investments in Malaysia.

Therefore, we urge the federal government to release Raja Petra, Ms. Tan and YB Kok immediately or produce them and charge them in court of law.

We also plead to Malaysians to remain calm and united at this testing time.

警方在九月十二日, 星期五在恶名招彰的内安法令之下逮捕了部落客拉惹柏特拉, 星洲日报女记者, 陈云清及士布爹国会议员兼雪州行政议员, 郭素沁.




对拉惹柏特拉, 陈云清及郭素沁的逮捕行动不止没给人民任何好处,还降低了外国人士对我国的信心,进而影响了外资的进入.

应此,我们呼吁中央政府即刻释放对拉惹柏特拉, 陈云清及郭素沁或把他们提控上庭.


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