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Sunday, June 3, 2007


Again? It happen only in this country. But this time not the fault of the Censorship Board as the Board gave a go-ahead for screening, but yet, sad to say Astro Shaw refused to show the movie Dukun because it's sensitive and concern to the people watching it even though the Board gave a 'U' rating. This is what the Executive Director, Tengku Datuk Anuar Mussaddad even though declined comments, the company issued a statement from Astro Shaw, which the statement reports that,

“These sentiments revolve around segments of the film which are perceived as having been taken from actual events,” said the statement. “In the context of the sensitivities and concerns that have been expressed and in view of the attention received by the film, we have decided to review it in order to ensure that its release will not offend public and private sensitivities.”

Offend to the Public and private sensitivities, maybe, but at the same time the public should be aware and acknowledge that these things i.e. the spiritual world do happen and exists. The existence of dukun, bomoh and pawang do exists strongly in all society, whether amongst the chinese, indian, malay or the indigenous people.

A factor to consider for viewing of this 'Dukun' is the depiction of the long trial by jury of Mona Fandey. As the movie depicted and followed closely by the movie producer, Dominique Hee (he will be producing yet another controversial movie called Botak, talking about the notorious Wong Swee Chin aka Botak Chin). I have read also that Datuk Zaman Khan (former CID chief and Prison Director General), did helped the producers of the movie so as to give insights surrounding the case. So that it accurately tells the facts of the story.

Reading case law such as Mona Fandey, can be boring to some except for lawyers intending to know the totality of the judgement of the court from the High Court to the Federal Court. That was the case where trial by jury was last seen in Malaysia. As such having movies such as Dominique's Dukun, will give insights to the happening surrounding the facts and trial of Mona Fandey.

Interestingly, Zaman felt that Mona Fandey doesn't have any black magic but basically a con artist. And that Datuk Mazlan died not because of politics but because of greed and belief in the supernatural. Mona wants money whereas Mazlan wants power. Using black magic so that he could rise to power.

Everybody should note that this is just a movie. And the storyline are fictional and does not intended to link it with that of Mona Fandey and her accomplice.

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