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Saturday, June 2, 2007

My Thoughts

Many things happen in the last couple of months starting from March 30th, I undergo a 2 ½ hours operation removing a recurred tumor in my femur bone. The good doctor removed almost 18cm of my bone and fitted in a global modular rotating system (GMRS) distal femur that cost RM25,000.00. The whole operation literally cost me a bomb of RM44,000.00. I’m still on my crutches, and the doctor advised me to be on it until the third month or so, that is by the end of June. Thank God, the doctor, Prof Choon from University Malaya, felt that it should not recur any more. He was very confident that the worst is over.

While recuperating, two buy elections (Machap and Ijok) were held in less than a month as the former YBs pass away. The oppositions in both seats put a good fight but nevertheless lost but thank goodness manage to keep their deposit. Why buy election, simply because lots of money was involved suddenly place like Machap was lighten up literally with street lamps installed before nomination day. Suddenly schools and roads were repaired just to fish votes. BN spend almost RM30 million and RM36 million respectively in a buy election. The BN machinery was literally triple the might of all oppositions put together. Sometimes I wonder, we Malaysians can really be bought over so long as the price is right.

Just after the election, Malaysian were shocked to hear the unnecessary statements by BN two really stupid MPs none other than the ever Bung Mokhtar (Kinabatangan) and Said (Jasin) uttering words unbecoming of an MP by being gender insensitive to Fong Poh Kuan and the women gender. Their defence, they said that they were provoked. Bull shit. Downloading from YouTube, nothing was shown that they were provoked by the opposition in Parliament. That is what I mean by really stupid. After all the huha, they apologized, but after looking at their statement, nothing shows an apology towards Fong who is a woman, victimize by the stupid old guards of backbenchers. As I quote from Forrest Gump, stupid as stupid does.

Then after the whole fiasco of leakage, the real leaks stumble in Parliament. This is most pathetic and embarrassing as Parliament in 2004 spent almost RM90 million on renovation and refurbishment suffers the horror of all horror. Not only leakage but bad wiring was also looming in the face of Samy Vellu, what the toooot. Quarrelling between Ministers were seen publicly pointing the fingers but never in their right mind gave an explanation and accept the responsibility. Aren’t they accountable to the people? It’s the people’s money. So much spending and yet a damn stupid work unbecoming of professionals. I (and I believe not only me) call for the Minister in Charge of Parliamentary Affairs and the Minister of Works to resign and give other better people to do the work. PAC must investigate this nonsense. And I quote ‘stupid as stupid does’

After Parliament, two other public buildings when hay wire. One was the hospital in Kedah and the other is the second largest court complex in the world in Jalan Duta. Cracks were seen, ceiling drop, water sipped into, causing extensive damage, and worst still to my horror, there is no certificate of fitness. What is in God’s name is all this. Barely a month, our court complex became a laughing stock in this country and every parts of the world. This are all ‘wayang gambar’. How many million or billion spend? Whose money? My dear Samy must take responsibility and resign. If this happen in the United States and England, I believe not only the minister will resign but the whole administration will resign en bloc. This is what I called the doctrine of collective responsibility. Unheard in Bolehland. Where our ministers will continue to be ministers at the pleasure of the Prime Minister. Anyway Mahatir did mentioned that he wanted to sack Mr Samy but was unable to as he heads his party. Utterly rubbish.

The Prime Minister owes Malaysian not only an explanation but there should be a Royal Commission of Inquiry as lots of money was spend.

One problem leads to another, this time civil servant received huge pay rise. My goodness, I'm wondering whether our delivery system will match their pay rise. Will we have quality in the services of the government? My opinion, it is simply a waste in public funds. As Guan Eng (Secretary General DAP) puts in, "The pay rise and increasing number of civil servants would increase the salaries and pensions by 64% or RM 87.2 billion to RM 224.6 billion under the 9MP(2006-2010) from RM 137.4 billion under the 8MP (2001-2005). The principal question is whether our country would be able to afford such a salary and pension load on our nation’s finances if the civil service is allowed to go bloated unchecked.”

If our delivery system is of first class standard and mentality, then I think they should but what if the delivery system is a failure? Is the civil servants in our country comes from unemployed graduates who could never will get into the private sector and be employed by the government, so that they can just fill in vacant positions? This is an excellent piece by Guan Eng, and I quote, “My economics advisor Tony Pua explains that part of the problem lies in short-sighted policies that allows the civil service to be used as a dumping ground especially for the ever growing number of unemployed university graduates to find some meaningful employment. I would say that that the other part of the problem lies in government leaders who are intelligent but refuses to see the problem for what it is by pretending to be stupid in continuing to play the numbers game.”

He further says, “The numbers speak for themselves. In 1990 there were 773,997 civil servants rising to 894,788 in 2006 and nearly 1.2 million now. What happened to the privatization policy which was supposed to reduce the number of civil servants to 500,000 but has instead increased by nearly 150%? This is more than just the failure of the privatization policy, it is also about the failure of deregulation entailing a smaller government that is leaner, cheaper and more expenditure efficient as well as reducing the financial burden to public finances.”

So what happen to privatization policy by Mahatir’s administration, and I thought we are suppose to save for rainy days. Is the government a talking shop. Our beloved and dear King in his birthday speech on the 2nd June, advise all of his subject to be ‘jimat-cermat’ and the government is doing directly opposite the advise of the King. This is what we say cakap tak serupa bikin. No action talk only. Maybe our Government should trade mark that phrase.

Then, came the long awaiting decision of Lina Joy, where a 2-1 verdict disallowed the application of Lina to delete the word Islam in her identity card. It is a sad day for the country and the supremacy of the constitution. And I always thought that judges swore to uphold the constitution and to protect it, but what happen to Article 11. The way I see it, I think we better not have a written constitution since the past 50 years there has been so many attacks on it. Lina Joy not only lose her right to delete her religious status in her IC but also the right to marry and have her own family. This is definitely a sad day for her.

On the broadcasting side, I was informed that there were 400 news reports on her case in the whole world. As such, we have become a public view by the world, I call upon the Ministers and MPs/SA in MCA-MIC-Gerakan-PPP-SUPP-PBS or other political parties to make a stand on this constitutional right issue.

Now what next after Lina? She was asked to go to the syariah court for an order to be an apostate. Will she get it? Or will the syariah court wears the criminal cap, and forced Lina to be rehabilitated instead of allowing her application to be an apostate? What a contradiction.

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