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Monday, September 17, 2007

Facts Fear

I stepped into Paya Mengkuang for a sumptuous. It was porky pork from the first till the fourth dish. It was a save-the-pig campaign hosted by the Penduduk Paya Mengkuang. Yes the pig farm saga. Pig Farmer vs Majilis Bandaraya Melaka Bersejarah or more exact the State government. Speeches after speeches from distinguished people in the industry. The dinner was attended by Chinese Associations, Chinese Businessman, Political parties (including MCA) and the kampong people supporting the cause, whether it's Chinese, Malay or Indian. It was not a chinese thingy but a Malaysian thing.

I was glad to see the support given by the Malays in the area even though, pig was HARAM to them. But as I said it was not just a Chinese affair but the government handling of the matter coupled with political pressure by certain individual. And as I said also it has nothing to do with politics. No political speeches were made but plain HARD FACTS, HARD to kunyah for some. Uncle Kit was there as the last speaker and what he spoke was plain facts. Facts that are hard to swallow by some. Of course when Uncle Kit spoke, some that can't take HARD FACTS literally walk out from the hall. MCA I mean.

I shall post some pics soon.... wait ya

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