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Sunday, September 9, 2007

No Big Deal Budget

I did not expect much in the budget because there is actually nothing to expect. No new news except (i) that for the first time nothing mentioned on the rise of taxes in alcoholic drinks and cigarettes, (ii) no civil servant bonuses and (iii) something good for education.

However I have this to say. So what if you have schools and examination fees abolished when good and high achievers do not have places in the University of their choice. They may have free text books in schools so that people in the lower income group and yet when these high achievers scores in the examination they are sidelined by those in authorities for a degree which they seek. Reason given, short of place. And when a complaint is made to the authorities, leaders from government parties would just say "Be patient" or "Be happy when you have a place in the University". This is when you are given to do some stupid course which you do not actually asked for. And this is what the government says that they are thinking of the rakyat. I hope that the government will open the doors for more non malays to get a place in these public universities.

On health, I welcome the government effort to improve quality of hospital services, purchasing medical supply and health equipment, however health and medical care is relatively still expensive especially for those who can't effort. That being of course those in the majority group. The cost of medical services and health gets expensive day by day. In fact the government should spend more on research and development to enable Malaysia to be importers of medical products and services around the world. There must be improvement in general hospitals across the country. We cannot afford to hear medical negligence against our rakyat.

I hope much is done for our youth today. Even though much money are put into youth development, however I wish to state, that there are more Rempits in our highway than our Rakan Muda projects. They are the future generation of this country and them behaving like what they behave right now, Malaysia will be doomed to failure. I saw more young ones in drugs, rempiting, illicit sex, indulging into alcoholism and other unnecessary activities.

So in short...nothing so new in our budget.

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