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Saturday, September 1, 2007

I'm so SAD and ANGRY

I have been observing from afar the case relating to Baby Yok Shan for more than two weeks. She was first reported in the press regarding a medical condition where her arm had turned gangrene due to infection in the incubator. I have been praying for her that she will recover and had heard news that she recovered and her medical condition was improved. I was happy.

Until this morning when I read in the Star today that her arms had been amputated just below her elbow on Saturday morning, This makes me cry. Sorry for being emotional but the fact that she has lost her arm due to the negligence of the medical staff in the hospital makes me sick of our current medical attention. For me, if I am the father I might just sue everybody, the hospital, health ministry (Government of Malaysia), the doctor everybody and anybody because I don't give a damn. Sorry for being really emotional....

However, I have my hats on her father Kian Kee who had called the hospital to conduct the operation as he and I believe his daughter could no longer bear the pain. He even go on record to say that his child is not a guinea pig or some medical experiment as the news reported that it needed about eight weeks to assess the condition of her hand. For me I can't wait that long to bear and see my child suffer as a result of the fault of the doctors and hospitals concerned. He even rejected the ex-gratia payment offered as compensation to the family by the government.

The fact is nothing can replace the lost of his daughter's hand. Now no money in this world can replace the arm that is lost not the fault of hers.

Having said the above, no wonder the Transport Minister is on medical leave abroad for medical consultation. Looks like he too heard about the news of our government hospitals and as such do not have the confidence in them and that is why he went abroad for a medical check up and consultation. No wonder. OR cabut'ing' as the scandal on the Port Klang Free Zone still looming above his head that he has to really take a medical break for I don't know what reason. Still hopefully when he is back he can at least answer some very important questions the rakyat wants to know.


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