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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Something Must Be Done

This is something I don't understand. Why must these things happen? And I understand UMNO Youth love them so much because they are them. Something must be done to curb these Mat Rempit from being 'above the police and the law'. They are a nuisance.

Mat Rempit turn on cops, smash patrol cars

Saturday, 01 September 2007, 09:29am

Mat Rempit turn on cops, smash patrol cars©New Straits Times (Used by permission)

LUMUT: Merdeka celebrations here took a nasty turn at Dataran Hadhari, Teluk Batik, early yesterday when some Mat Rempit reacted violently against the police by wrecking one patrol car and breaking the rear window of another.

This happened at 1.30am when a police inspector tried to detain a man, sparking angry protests from more than 100 Mat Rempit, who surrounded the police car, kicking its doors and ripping off the radio antenna, said Manjung deputy district police chief DSP Ahmad Rabawi Abdul Jamil.

The police officer returned to the car and got away unharmed.

About 2.15am, Anti-Narcotics division chief DSP Azman Shahrin went to the scene in a police car and saw about 3,000 people there but there was no confrontation with any Mat Rempit.

"However, as we were passing by the area, a rock was thrown at the car, smashing the rear window," he said.

Ahmad Rabawi said two men were arrested in connection with the damage to the police cars.

He said police and the Manjung Municipal Council had been conducting a joint operation from 8pm on Thursday to 2.30pm yesterday.

Police arrested four youths, aged 18 to 26, for reckless driving, issued 290 summonses and seized 52 motorcycles for various offences, he said.

Five youths who tested positive for drugs were detained, including four aged between 13 and 16.

"On searching them, we found utensils that were used to smoke ganja in their bags," he added.

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