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Thursday, September 27, 2007

For Justice Sake

I received an sms from a client at around 3.15pm saying, "Thank You". I replied "Welcome, but what is it for". And he replied, "for marching for us". A simple reply but speaks a thousand words. I suddenly remember that I am, an officer of the court, the bulwark of civil liberties.

"When lawyers marched, something is wrong" said Bar Council chairwoman, Miss Ambiga Sreenevasan. This indeed is true. It is a rare march. The Malaysian Bar don't march for just everything like what political parties do whether opposition or BN. The Malaysian Bar will march when there is no other way to go about it. The march was done professionally and with firmness. We were blocked by the police from going to the Palace of Justice, at Putrajaya. We went to another exit albeit a much longer one. But we were persistent because we know the fight for justice is crucial.

Something is dead wrong for the police to block the road. Something is dead wrong with the judiciary and that is why we march. We march for justice sake. We want it to be cleaned. We want the whole system to be overhauled so as to see that Justice is not only be done but seen to be done. There were placards demanding the sacking of the Chief Justice together with banners saying Bersihkan Badan Kehakiman, Selamatkan Badan Kehakiman, "No to Corruption" and the likes. There were also chants like "Who are we?" and the crowd shouted "Malaysian Bar", "What do we want?", and a loud cry from the people, "Justice!"

Before the march, there were many disappointments and discouragement such as those from the government that says that the Bar stoop so low like the Opposition and that from the Muslim Lawyer group. Especially to the group, I think more is demanded from them by the people. There is no doubt that the people is now looking at us

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